ATTRIBUT N°1 - Gin 43%

Artisanal Dry Gin BIO, France/Lot-et-Garonne

The 10 botanicals that make up Attribute N°1 infuse
delicately, according to their aromatic profile.
The selected fresh fruits were picked when ripe.
The macerates are then slowly distilled in a
Charentais alembic.
Only the Heart is gradually reduced to pure water.


The dry gin 100% organic is distinguishable by the elegant combination of citrus and lemon verbena which provides a smart, fresh and intense fragrance, chamomile and kiwis from Lot–et-Garonne bring softness and smoothness.

Gin and food pairing

To savour as an aperitive or digestive, alone or in a
cocktail, with oysters, a ceviche with citruses, a smoked
salmon in dill and cucumber sauce, chicken dips, mature
cheese, …


Categories: Non classé